About us

Cleidivameals’ mission is to bring to the world, wholesome and delicious food. People deserve easy access to information and products that nourish their bodies without second guessing.
We strive to use ingredients which are organic in nature, free from preservatives and locally grown.  You will see the care we take in preparing each and every meal, delivered to our client’s doors across the land. Our obsession is to make you happy and satisfied, and to always be available to your input, as we take this journey together.

Our Brand

Everything about our message rings true to core beliefs, that as human beings, we should care for our bodies, our  minds, our families, our environment and our society. We will passionately seek to be the reference in quality and customer service, as we stay true to these beliefs.

Our Team

Our Chef is Cleide Stabile; WBFF Athlete, Fitness Model and Health Guru.

Cleide and our team of cooks prepare every meal by hand with the utmost care, and our delivery team will get the food to your door fast and fresh out of the kitchen.